Configuring syslog protocol by using protocol extensions

The following steps add an user SYSLOG protocol to the NetScaler appliance.

Import the extension file to the NetScaler appliance, from either a web server (using HTTP) or your local workstation. For details about importing the extension file, see Importing Extensions.

import ns extension local:syslog_parser.lua syslog_parser_code

Add a new user TCP-based protocol to the system by using the extension.

add user protocol USER_SYSLOG -transport TCP -extension syslog_parser_code

Add a service of type USER_TCP to indicate that this is a user-defined protocol.

add service s1 USER_TCP 80

Add a user load balancing vserver and bind backend services to it.

add lb vs mysv USER_TCP

bind lb vs mysv s1

Add a user virtual server for the newly added protocol and make the load balancing virtual server configured in the previous step the default load balancer.

add user vs v_syslog USER_SYSLOG 80 -defaultlb mysv

Configuring syslog protocol by using protocol extensions

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