NetScaler form factors

NetScaler is an application delivery platform with data and insights that empower enterprises to scale and secure their applications for peak performance. The NetScaler product line is available in the following form factors:

NetScaler MPX

A physical hardware appliance that provides powerful hardware-based application delivery and load balancing with options for high performance web application security and SSL offload support. For NetScaler MPX hardware documentation, see NetScaler MPX. For NetScaler MPX feature documentation, see NetScaler.

NetScaler SDX

A fully isolated multitenant solution that allows a single administrator to configure and manage the appliance and delegate the administration of each hosted instance to tenants. For NetScaler SDX feature documentation, see NetScaler SDX. For NetScaler SDX hardware documentation, see NetScaler SDX hardware.

NetScaler VPX

A virtual solution that can be deployed on multiple hypervisors and hybrid multi-cloud environments. Suited for deployments requiring a virtual platform with high SSL performance without hardware acceleration. For NetScaler VPX documentation, see NetScaler VPX.

NetScaler BLX

A virtual appliance designed to run natively on bare metal Linux on commercial-off-the-shelf servers. It can be easily plugged in with an existing orchestration setup and any open source tools that are supported for Linux environments can be seamlessly integrated with this appliance. For NetScaler BLX documentation, see NetScaler BLX.

NetScaler CPX

A container based ADC to support application delivery in multi-cloud and on-premises environments, such as Kubernetes and OpenShift. For NetScaler CPX documentation, see NetScaler CPX.

NetScaler form factors