NetScaler Application Delivery Management service

Set event age for events

You can set the event age option to specify the time interval (in seconds). NetScaler ADM monitors the appliances until the set duration and generates an event only if the event age exceeds the set duration.


The minimum value for the event age is 60 seconds. If you keep the Event Age field blank, the event rule is applied immediately after the event is occurred.

For example, consider that you want to manage various ADC appliances and get notified by email when any of your virtual servers goes down for 60 seconds or longer. You can create an event rule with the necessary filters and set the rule’s event age to 60 seconds. Then, whenever a virtual server remains down for 60 or more seconds, you receive an email notification with details such as entity name, status change, and time.

To set event age in NetScaler ADM:

  1. In the NetScaler ADM, navigate to Infrastructure > Events > Rules, and click Add.

  2. On the Create Rule page, set the rule parameters.

  3. Specify the event age in seconds.

    Set event age

Set event age for events

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