NetScaler Application Delivery Management service

Manage data storage

NetScaler ADM allows you to view your data storage information. The Data Storage Management dashboard helps you visualize:

  • How the data is stored across the different features in your current deployment
  • If the features are operating within their storage entitlement

View data storage consumption

To view your current storage entitlement and the latest storage consumption in the deployment, navigate to Settings > Data Storage Management.

Data storage dashboard

The Data Storage Management dashboard consists of the following:

  • Entitled Storage – The storage available for your license (in GB).
  • Consumed Storage – The total storage used by all the features in the deployment (in GB or percent). The following color coding criteria reflect the amount of storage used by the features:

    • Green - The consumed storage is less than 75% of entitlement.

    • Amber - The consumption storage is between 75% to 99% of entitlement.

    • Red - The consumption storage limit has reached or is above the current entitlement storage.

  • Storage Consumption in MB – The visual representation of the data storage consumption across different features in a month. This information is displayed in either of the following forms:
    • Graphical View – Displays the data storage information in an area chart. Hover your mouse over the timeline to view the data storage information for any day of the month.

    Graphical view


    The Graphical View is the default view.

    • Tabular View – Click Tabular View to display the data storage information in a table form.

    Tabular view

  • Storage Consumption By Sources as on dd mmm - The storage space used by all the different features and the percentage of space they consume on a particular day.

    Features and description

The following table describes the fields displayed in the Storage Consumption By Features section:

Config Includes all configurable data such as information about instances, configuration jobs, configuration audit and so on.
HDX Insight Provides end-to end visibility for ICA traffic passing through NetScaler.
Network Reporting Displays the network performance of all the NetScaler instances.
Web Insight Provides visibility into enterprise web applications and allows integrated and real-time monitoring of applications.
Security Insight Helps to assess the application security status and take corrective actions to secure the applications.
Gateway Insight Provides visibility into the failures encountered by all users, regardless of the access mode, at the time of logging on to NetScaler Gateway.
Events Monitor and manage occurrences of events or errors on the NetScaler instances.
App Dashboard Allows the viewing and managing of applications.
Bot Insight Provides visibility into bot violations and the actions taken on them.
Syslog Monitors syslog events generated on NetScaler instances if you have configured your device to redirect all syslog messages to NetScaler ADM.
Video Insight Monitors the metrics of the video optimization techniques used by NetScaler appliances.
Detailed Transactions Provides visibility into web transactions and displays the response time metric split across the client, NetScaler, and the server visually.


The data storage policies are expected to change in the upcoming releases. With these changes, you cannot store historical data after it exceeds the storage limit. For now, it’s recommended you add more storage or keep the storage within the licensed entitlement limits.

Manage data storage