Application Delivery Management

Logstream overview

Citrix ADC instances generate AppFlow records and are a central point of control for all application traffic in the data center. IPFIX and Logstream are the protocols that transport these AppFlow records from Citrix ADC instances to Citrix ADM. For more information, see AppFlow.

  • IPFIX is an open Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard defined in RFC 5101. IPFIX uses UDP protocol which is unreliable transport protocol used for data flow in one direction. Since IPFIX uses UDP protocol, adhering to IPFIX standard results in processing more resources in Citrix ADM.

  • Logstream is a Citrix-owned protocol that is used as one of the transport modes to efficiently transfer the analytics log data from Citrix ADC instances to Citrix ADM. Logstream uses reliable TCP protocol and requires lesser resources in processing the data.

For Citrix ADC between 11.1 Build 47.14 and 11.1 Build 62.8, Logstream is the default transport mode for enabling Web insight (HTTP) and IPFIX is the only transport mode for enabling other insights. For Citrix ADC version starting from 12.0 to latest version, you can select either Logstream or IPFIX as the transport mode.


The Citrix ADM version and build should be equal to or higher than your Citrix ADC version and build. For example, if you have installed Citrix ADC 12.1 Build 50.28/50.31 or earlier, then ensure you have installed Citrix ADM 12.1 Build 50.39.

To use Logstream as the communication mode while enabling analytics on Citrix ADM:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Instances > Citrix ADC, and select the Citrix ADC instance on which you want to enable analytics.

  2. From the Select Action list, select Configure Analytics.

    localized image

  3. On the Configure Insight page:

    1. Select the Application List for either Load Balancing or Content Switching.

      localized image

    2. Select the virtual server and click Enable AppFlow.

      localized image

  4. In the Enable AppFlow dialog box:

    • Enter true in the text box

    • Select Logstream as the transport mode


      Citrix recommends you to select Logstream as the transport mode.

    • Select the insight type and click OK.

      localized image

The following table describes the features of Citrix ADM that supports Logstream as the transport mode:

Feature IPFIX Logstream
Web Insight
Security Insight
Gateway Insight
HDX Insight
SSL Insight Not supported
CR Insight
IP Reputation
Client Side Measurement
Logstream overview