Application Delivery Management

Application security analytics

The App Security Dashboard provides a holistic view of the security status of your applications. For example, it shows key security metrics such as security violations, signature violations, threat indexes.  App Security dashboard also displays attack related information such as syn attacks, small window attacks, and DNS flood attacks for the discovered Citrix ADC instances.


To view the metrics of the App Security Dashboard, AppFlow for Security insight should be enabled on the Citrix ADC instances that you want to monitor.  

To view the security metrics of a Citrix ADC instances on app security dashboard:

  1. In a web browser, type the IP address of the Citrix Application Delivery Management (for example,

  2. In User Name and Password, enter the administrator credentials.

  3. Navigate to ApplicationsApp Security Dashboard, and select the instance IP address from the Devices drop-down list.

You can further drill-down on the discrepancies reported on the App Security Investigator by clicking on the bubbles plotted on the graph.

Application security analytics