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Release Notes for NetScaler ADM 13.1-45.61 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues that exist for the NetScaler ADM release Build 13.1-45.61.


  • This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the security bulletin.

What’s New

The enhancements and changes that are available in Build 13.1-45.61.


View recommendations and manage your ADCs and apps efficiently as actionable Tasks with Guide Me workflows

In the NetScaler ADM GUI, a new Task option is introduced where you can now view actionable recommendations for licensing, analytics, events, SSL certificates, and many more based on your subscription and current utilization. These recommendations ensure that you are utilizing all the capabilities of NetScaler ADM and enabling product discovery and functionalities recommended by the product for the efficient administration of the deployment.

For more information, see View recommendations and manage your ADCs efficiently.

[ NSADM-91872 ]


Support for SNMP functionality for NetScaler ADM agents

In Infrastructure > Agents > Manage SNMP, you can now create SNMP managers, SNMP users and SNMP views for agents.

For more information, see Create SNMP managers and users for NetScaler ADM agent.

[ NSADM-91855 ]

View username and password criteria as you add a new user

When you add a new user in Settings > Users&Roles > Add, the User Name and Password fields now display the following criteria in red text:

  • Allowed characters
  • Minimum and maximum character length

The red text changes to green if the characters you type in the fields matches the criteria.

[ NSADM-91829 ]

Support for changing agent password without current password

As a super administrator, you can now allow agent passwords to be changed without their current passwords.

Navigate to Settings > Administration > System, Time zone, Allowed URLs and Agent Settings > Basic Settings > Agent Settings and select the Remove current password prerequisite for agent password change check box. The Change Agent Password page will no longer have the Current password field.

To display the Current password field again, clear the Remove current password prerequisite for agent password change check box.

[ NSADM-91826 ]

Set threshold for individual entities in Network Reports

In Infrastructure > Network Reporting > Thresholds, you can now set the threshold value for specific entities while configuring the threshold.

For more information, see Network reporting.

[ NSADM-91727 ]

Improvements in NetScaler instance upgrade

The following changes are now available in the Pre-upgrade validation tab:

  • Instances blocked from upgrade section - This new section lists the instances that are blocked from upgrade because of pre-upgrade validation errors.
  • Quick Cleanup button - This button is available in the Disk Space Details pane and allows you to quickly free up the disk space from multiple folders.

For more information, see Create an ADC upgrade job.

[ NSADM-91505 ]

Automation of NetScaler ADM agent on VMWare ESXi

The deployment of the NetScaler ADM agent on the VMWare ESXi is now automated. As an admin, you now automate the following actions:

  • Configuring the agent.
  • Registering the agent and changing the default password of the agent.

For more information, see Automate deployment of NetScaler ADM agent on VMware ESXi.

[ NSADM-87308 ]

Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 13.1-45.61.


The bandwidth data in HDX Insight and Gateway Insight is displayed incorrectly in bytes per second instead of bits per second.

[ NSHELP-34836 ]

Analytics is not visible in HDX Insight. Even if NetScaler ADM is rebooted, the analytics is visible only for a minimal duration and again not visible later.

[ NSHELP-34561 ]

In Gateway > HDX Insights > Users, under Terminated Sessions, the location information such as Country, Region, and City are missing.

With this fix, this issue is resolved.

[ NSHELP-34130 ]

The NetScaler ADM disk space gets filled with crash files at regular intervals. As a result, NetScaler ADM stops to respond.


In high-availability deployments, there is no option to upload build image files only to the secondary node.

As part of the fix, you can now upload build image files to the secondary node from Infrastructure > Upgrade Jobs > Create Job tab > Upload to secondary node only.

[ NSADM-96079 ]

Management and Monitoring

In Infrastructure > Instances > Agent, after you install the SSL certificate with a password encrypted key, the connection to agent on Port 443 fails.

[ NSHELP-33614 ]


NetScaler ADM GUI does not load after a reboot. This issue occurs because of Control Center service.

With this fix, the Control Center service functionality has been disabled and this issue is resolved.

[ NSHELP-34543 ]

Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 13.1-45.61.


The Modify System Group page (Settings > Users & Roles > Groups > Edit) takes a long time to load. This issue occurs if the group has two or more user roles and a regular expression associated with it.

[ NSADM-94279 ]

Management and Monitoring

In Infrastructure > SSL Dashboard > Manage Certificate Store, when you click Import ADC Certificates, NetScaler ADM fails to import ADC certificates of PFX format.

[ NSHELP-34803 ]

If you use VMware vMotion to schedule the ADM server migration on an EXSi hypervisor, the database streaming channel on the HA nodes is broken. As a result, you cannot access the ADM GUI.

[ NSHELP-32647 ]

In Gateway > HDX Insight, the data is not displayed because of the database corruption.

[ NSHELP-30459 ]

In ADM HA pair, the database status observed to be in Down status and not synchronizing even after trying with Sync Database option in the GUI for several times.

[ NSHELP-29626 ]


Deleting a load balancing virtual server from OpenStack fails because NetScaler ADM does not honour the delete request. This issue persists even after you delete the components bound to the load-balancing virtual server.

[ NSADM-89919 ]

Release Notes for NetScaler ADM 13.1-45.61 Release