AWS CloudFront

Type of Data

CDN Usage


This CDN Fusion data feed typically returns Usage metrics.


Usage shows the outbound GBs transferred for the reporting period. The Openmix app queries the Usage metric as a means to determine if cost must be considered for DNS routing. If the CDN is approaching a target where the customer’s cost will be increased due to usage above the SLA, the Openmix app can select an alternative CDN.

Data Feed Format

At the start of the billing month, usage may not be available from Akamai for the “first couple of days” of the month, while they close out invoices for the previous month and switch to calculating for the current month. During this time the OM Feed will return usage as empty, for example,

        "usage": {
          "unit": "GB",
          "value": "17297124.21

Implementation Notes

  • Queries from start of month to the current date for billing csv data.
  • Default RecordType of PayerLineItem is used unless LinkedLineItem is selected
  • For each matching row, extract the ‘Usage Quantity’ where the ‘Usage Type’ contains ‘bytes’.
  • Return the single quantity value as shown in the JSON sample.

Reconciliation Steps

Consolidated Billing Support

  • Choose the Consolidated Billing Support option if AWS Account is configured for consolidated billing otherwise usage will be counted twice.
  • Generally LinkedLineItem usage rolls up to PayerLineItem. However, this depends on how Amazon manually configured the consolidated bill for the customer’s needs.
  • Some customer’s PayerLineItem values may exclude certain LinkedLineItem. For example, if a LinkedLineItem represents a dev environment and the customer has negotiated free use for that LinkedLineItem.

Set up in Fusion

You can access Fusion Data Feeds from the left navigation pane, under Openmix. For initial steps please refer to the Fusion Integration Documentation.

When you get to the service-specific configuration dialog box, enter the following:

  • Name: The name given to the data feed. This defaults to “Service - Platform Name” if not specified.
  • Run Every: The frequency with which the data feed is updated from the service.
  • Platform: The Platform that is associated with the data feed.
  • Access Key ID: ID to access API provided by CloudFront.
  • Access Key Secret: Secret Key to access API provided by CloudFront.
  • S3 Billing Bucket ID: ID for CloudFront S3 billing bucket.
  • Billing Record Type: AWS Billing Record Type. For accounts with consolidated billing enabled, optionally specify the AWS RecordType of the line items to aggregate. If not specified, PayerLineItem is used.

Once the Fusion CloudFront installation is complete, it is listed on the Fusion data feeds home page with a green status and monitoring metrics in the log history.

To edit a Fusion data feed click the data feed in the list and then click the Edit button. Once you have changed the configuration, click Save. This brings you back to the data feed list with your changes saved and applied to the data feed.

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