Type of Data

CDN Bandwidth


Data Feed

    "bandwidth": {
      "unit": "Mbps",
      "value": "26.64"

Reconciliation Steps

How to reconcile ChinaNetCenter billing bandwidth with Fusion Openmix Data Feeds

  • In the ChinaNetCenter Portal, go to Home > Analysis > Web Acceleration > Bandwidth Statistics.
  • The feed must accurately reflect usage displayed if the configured Billing Mode matches.
  • Select start of month to end of current day in the date selector.

How to get raw data in feed and ignore billing mode

To see latest bandwidth measured by CNC independent of billing mode,

  • Choose “Latest Measured Bandwidth” Option under billing mode. This isn’t actually a CNC billing mode.
  • Most recent non-zero value for the current day will be returned. If all values are zero for the preceding 12 hours a measurement of zero will be assumed.
  • Hover over the most recent time stamp from the current day chart to confirm value.

Set up in Fusion

You can access Fusion Data Feeds from the left navigation pane, under Openmix. For initial steps refer to the Fusion Integration Documentation.

When you get to the service-specific configuration dialog box, the first step is to select the service you want to configure.

The next step is to fill out the following configuration fields:

  • Name: The name given to the data feed. This defaults to “Service - Platform Name” if not specified.
  • Run Every: The frequency with which the data feed is updated from the service.
  • Platform: The Platform that is associated with the data feed.
  • Username: User name to access API must be provided by ChinaNetCenter
  • Password: Password to access API secret key must be provided by ChinaNetCenter
  • Billing Mode:
    • 95th Percent: All the 5 minute bandwidth windows for a particular month are ranked and the value at 5% of the total from the top are selected for billing. For example, if there are 288 values for each day (1440min/5min=288). And therefore there are 288*30=8640 values for a 30 day month. Then ChinaNetCenter bills at the value ranked at number 432 (5% of total) from the top is selected as the billing value for that month.
    • Fourth Peak: Spelled “Forth Peak” in the ChinaNetCenter portal. The fourth highest daily peak value for the month. If there are fewer than 4 days in the time period, the smallest daily peak value is the billing bandwidth.
    • Latest Measured Bandwidth: Not a billing mode. If set, the data returned will be the most recent non-zero measurement from ChinaNetCenter.
  • Domains: ChinaNetCenter calls these “Channels”. This is an optional field. If not set, bandwidth for all channels associated to the account will be retrieved.
  • Exact Domain Match: Whether to retrieve bandwidth for all domains with the same root domain.
  • Region: If none selected Mainland China is the default.
  • ISP: If none selected all ISPs are used.

Once the Fusion ChinaNetCenter installation is complete, it is listed on the Fusion data feeds home page with a green status and monitoring metrics in the log history.

To edit a Fusion data feed click the data feed in the list and then click the Edit button. Once you have changed the configuration, click Save. This brings you back to the data feed list with your changes saved and applied to the data feed.