Type of Data

Video Monitoring


Touchstream is a SaaS synthetic monitor for video streams. It monitors the ‘manifest files’ of the video chunks to validate that they are downloadable and the video is functioning correctly.

Data Feed Format

A sample data feed of monthly usage looks like this:

    "avg_speed": 2,
    "cdn": "EDGECAST",
    "channel": "NEWS_Washington",
    "channel_id": 1,
    "format": "HLS_BAK",
    "max_speed": 3.1,
    "product": "NEWS",
    "status_pct": 100,
    "stream_key": "<stream-key-value>"

Reconciliation Steps

Prerequisites: Touchstream monitor of interest is already set up.

Using the Touchstream Portal

  • Go to the Touchstream portal.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find the status of the performance stream that you set up.
  • Check if the status and speed matches what you see in Fusion.

Using cURL

Use the following sample cURL command for validation:

curl -H "X-TS-ID: <id_from_touchstream>" -H "Authorization: Bearer <oauth_key_from_touchstream>" "https://<touchstream_url>/api/stream_status/json/?channel=NEWS_Washington&product=NEWS&cdn=EDGECAST"

This returns exactly what you see in the Fusion feed.

Note: Channel, Product, and CDN are filters. You can use only one value per filter at a time.

Set up in Fusion

You can access Fusion Data Feeds from the left navigation pane, under Openmix. For initial steps refer to the Fusion Integration Documentation.

When you get to the service-specific configuration dialog box, the first step is to select the service you want to configure.

The next step is to enter your Touchstream credentials by filling out the following configuration fields:

Name: The name given to the data feed. This defaults to <Service><Platform Name> if not specified.

Run Every: The frequency with which the data feed is updated from the service.

Platform: The Platform that is associated with the data feed.

URL: Provided by Touchstream.

OAUTH Key: Provided by Touchstream.

X-TS-ID: Provided by Touchstream.

Channel: This is a filter. You can filter the Fusion feed based on a channel.

Product: This is a filter. You can filter the Fusion feed based on a product.

CDN: This is a filter. You can filter the Fusion feed based on a CDN.

Note: When adding filters the value entered in the filter field must exactly match the corresponding value in the log history. Also, you can only use one value per filter at a time.

Click Complete to finish setting up the Fusion feed.

Once the Fusion Touchstream installation is complete, it is listed on the Fusion data feeds home page with a green status and monitoring metrics in the log history.

Data Feed History

You can view the data feed status, information about the data and the payload returned from the service. After selecting the specific data feed in the list, click Log History to show the history for the data feed.


To edit a Fusion data feed click the data feed in the list and then click the Edit button.

Once you’re done editing, click Save. This brings you back to the data feed list with your changes saved and applied to the data feed.