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Alerts - This feature monitors performance issues or anomalies of your configured platforms from an end-user network across the globe. 2022.02.15
Local Persistence - This feature offers the capability for decision stickiness when it is enabled. The requests are identified using the IP subnet mask, the length of which is configurable. For example, when a client repeats a request to the same application within a certain period (Persistence TTL), then the original decision is served back. 2021.12.09
AWS ELB Connector - This new connector pulls HealthyHostCount, UnHealthyHostCount and Load Balancer Capacity Units (LCUs) metrics from AWS ELB via Fusion. It provides customers with an integrated load-balancing experience and visibility into Fusion metrics that are available in their Openmix applications. 2019.08.16
Change Platform Type (Private to Community): This new feature allows customers to change the current settings of their private platform or GSLB to reference the community platform instead. This feature is useful for customers whose private platforms are hosted in a public data center or cloud region. 2019.07.03
New Dashboard - The new ITM Dashboard is now operational, information-dense, customizable, and overall more useful than the previous version. In the new Dashboard, you can view Radar Sessions, Radar Performance, Openmix Traffic Management Decisions, and Sonar Monitoring Status charts. You can create multiple dashboards, each tailored to a view that you care about. You can also choose to make the ITM Visualizer or the Dashboard your default landing page. 2019.06.27
Fusion Quarantine: This feature quarantines a customer’s failing Fusion data feed, if the feed fails or runs at a polling interval of less than 24 hours. Fusion applies the quarantine logic to stop these failing feeds from running to save resources (CPU/Memory) and avoid impact on other good or valid Fusion data feeds. 2019.06.19
Enable/Disable Platforms for Openmix - A platform can now be enabled or disabled for Openmix by switching the Openmix Enabled button on or off in Platform Settings. If a particular platform is disabled for Openmix, that platform is not considered in Openmix decisions. 2019.04.09
Platform Geo - This feature allows customers to view and manage the geo location assigned to a platform. By default, there is no Geo location assigned to private platforms. When a user creates a private platform and configures a Radar probe, we use the probe URL to geo locate the platform. Alternatively, the user can assign a Geo manually without relying on the Radar URL path. For GSLB and F5 config imports, we geo locate the public IP and use that as the Geo of the platform. Community platforms by default inherit the original location of the platform. 2019.04.09
Visualizer: Drill down to the state-level: Active alerts with information about the performance and availability of Clouds, Data Centers, CDNs, and other services. These alerts are measured and viewed at the state level with-in the United States. 2019.04.01
Visualizer: F5 and GSLB imports - F5 and GSLB imports: You can now import a platform via a GSLB or F5 config. The basic site information (IP and name) is imported as ITM platforms. ITM geo-locates the site and allows the platform to be displayed on the Visualizer for performance analysis. 2019.03.29
G-Core Purge Adapter -The G-Core CDN purge adapter is now added to the list of adapters that ITM supports to run purges. 2019.03.29
Radar DSA 3 for all community providers – To continuously improve the Radar community and the accuracy of our benchmarks, we recently released a new Dynamic Content Benchmark. This new benchmark has a dynamic HTML page and a signature with which the measurement can be verified. 2019.03.21
Visualizer – The ITM visualizer is an intuitive and intelligent tool that enables you to monitor and analyze the global performance of ISPs and services. The ITM Visualizer UI provides active alerts with information on the performance and availability of Clouds, Data Centers, CDNs, and other services. ITM community measures these alerts across the globe. ITM Radar collects billions of measurements from real users across the globe via the Radar community. It uses a crowd sourcing model to measure these alerts. 2019.03.08
Guided Tours (walk-throughs) for the Visualizer and Openmix are now available in the ITM Demo Portal. The Demo Portal can be accessed via the help icon within the ITM portal. At the Bottom right corner of the Demo Portal you see an icon that launches the guided tours. 2019.03.08
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