Citrix SD-WAN Center

Install the SD-WAN Center SSL certificate

To establish connection between Citrix SD-WAN Center and Citrix SD-WAN Master Control Node (MCN), download the SSL certificate from the SD-WAN Center and install it on the MCN.

To generate and install the Citrix SD-WAN Center certificate:

  1. In the Citrix SD-WAN Center web interface, navigate to Configuration > Network Discovery > SSL Certificate > SD-WAN Center Certificate.

  2. Click Regenerate Certificate to generate a new SSL certificate to establish communication with the MCN.

    Regenerate certificate

  3. Click Download Certificate. Navigate to the desired location and save the certificate.

  4. In the Citrix SD-WAN MCN web interface, navigate to Configuration > Virtual WAN > SD-WAN Center Certificates > SD-WAN Center Certificate Management.

    SD-WAN Center certificate management

  5. Click Choose File, browse and select the downloaded SD-WAN Center SSL certificate.

    Upload and install SD-WAN Center certificate

  6. Click Upload and Install, it uploads the SD-WAN center SSL certificate to the MCN and displays a success message when installation is complete.

Install the SD-WAN Center SSL certificate