Release Notes for Citrix ADM 13.0-85.19 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues that exist for the Citrix ADM release Build 13.0-85.19.


  • This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.
  • Build 13.0-85.19 and later builds address the security vulnerabilities described in
  • Build 85.19 replaces Build 85.15.

Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 13.0-85.19.

High Availability

  • In Citrix ADM, when you schedule an upgrade of your Citrix ADC instances at a particular time, the upgrade triggers immediately. It does not happen at the scheduled time.

    [ NSHELP-30654 ]

Management and Monitoring

  • NTP sync may stop working after reboot of Citrix ADM.

    [ NSHELP-30500 ]
  • When the sync fails in the ADC high-availability pair, the secondary server cannot replicate the configuration changes from its primary server. As a result, the partitions and associated user group configuration get removed from ADM. And, the partitions count appear as zero.

    [ NSHELP-30179 ]
  • In Infrastructure > Events > Event Settings, the disk failure events of Citrix ADC SDX instances are not displayed.

    [ NSHELP-30049 ]
  • In a GSLB setup, when you have the same domain name for multiple ADC instances, the entity polling incorrectly updates the database.

    [ NSHELP-29885 ]
  • After upgrading Citrix ADM to 13.0.83.x, Application Dashboard displays the old application name when it is changed in the ADC instance.

    [ NSHELP-29518 ]
  • When you configure the schedule export using the email option, the attachment is received as an empty report.

    [ NSHELP-29146 ]
  • The report generated using the Schedule Export option might not work as expected.

    [ NSHELP-28839 ]
  • The ADM GUI does not display the model ID for the VPX instances that are hosted on an SDX appliance (specifically 15XXX, 26XXX).

    [ NSHELP-28103 ]


  • In the ADM GUI, when you repackage SDX using the TAR command, the status of the repackage activity is shown as In progress even when there is a failure.

    [ NSHELP-30579 ]
  • ADM subsystems do not start after the ADM high-availability failover. This issue occurs because the ADM database is started in the read-only mode.

    [ NSHELP-30482 ]


  • StyleBook configuration packs migration fail when you migrate the configuration packs from one StyleBook to another compatible StyleBook.

    [ NSADM-82044 ]

User Interface

  • When a malicious config advice file is uploaded with an extension .conf, Citrix ADM fails to detect and block this file. With this fix, Citrix ADM protects against uploading malicious files.

    [ NSHELP-30171 ]

Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 13.0-85.19.


  • When you enable HDX Insight, the mas_afdecoder process stops responding and fails generating HDX analytics.

    [ NSHELP-26754, NSHELP-27397 ]

Management and Monitoring

  • In Infrastructure > Event Summary > Syslog Messages, the data was displayed only for the last 30 days. With this fix, the data is displayed for up to 180 days.

    [ NSHELP-30961 ]
  • When you navigate to Infrastructure>SSL Dashboard>SSL Certificates page, click the Export icon, and download the report in CSV format, the domain information is not exported and appears blank.

    [ NSHELP-30767 ]
  • In Settings > Notifications > ServiceNow, when you click the ServiceNow tickets, the details are not visible in the ADM GUI.

    [ NSHELP-30751 ]
  • In Citrix ADM, when you enable Perform Audit on receiving netScalerConfigChange event, ADM polls the ADC instances for every configuration change. However, if there are multiple changes in the ADC configuration at the same time, the configuration audit polling fails. For more information to enable configuration audit polling, see Set configuration audit notifications.

    [ NSHELP-29855 ]
  • In ADM HA pair, the database status observed to be in Down status and not synchronizing even after trying with Sync Database option in the GUI for several times.

    [ NSHELP-29626 ]
  • If the mas_hb_monit.conf file is corrupted, all the processes in ADM do not start. As a result, the ADM start-up fails.

    With this fix, if the mas_hb_monit.conf file is corrupt, all the processes will now search for the clean file in all the directories and recover it before accessing the file.

    [ NSHELP-29543 ]
  • When you upgrade an ADC instance by using ADM maintenance jobs, after the instance restarts, under the Citrix ADC instance page, the upgraded ADC image version does not appear. The GUI still shows the old image version.

    [ NSADM-60824 ]


  • When you enable analytics on a virtual server, some required information might be lost between ADC and ADM. As a result, the transaction data becomes invalid and is unavailable on the ADM reports.

    [ NSHELP-26545 ]


  • When you create a member on OpenStack Lbaas using ADM orchestration, the member creation fails on OpenStack intermittently. This issue happens when a proxy request from ADM to orchestration services times out after 30 seconds.

    With this fix, the request timeout for orchestration APIs has increased to 120 seconds.

    [ NSHELP-21490 ]