Determine attributes in your LDAP directory

If you need help with determining your LDAP directory attributes so you can configure authentication settings on NetScaler Gateway, you can easily look them up with the free LDAP browser from Softerra.

You can download the LDAP browser from the Softerra LDAP Administrator website. After you install the browser, set the following attributes:

  • The host name or IP address of your LDAP server.
  • The port of your LDAP server. The default is 389.
  • The base DN field, which you can leave blank. The information provided by the LDAP browser can help you determine the base DN that you must configure this setting on NetScaler Gateway.
  • The Anonymous Bind check determines if the LDAP server requires user credentials to connect to it. If the LDAP server requires credentials, leave the check box cleared.

After completing the settings, the LDAP browser displays the profile name in the left pane and connects to the LDAP server.

Determine attributes in your LDAP directory

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