Session settings

After you configure your authentication, authorization, and auditing profiles, you configure session settings to customize your user sessions. The session settings are:

  • The session timeout.

    Controls the period after which the user is automatically disconnected and must authenticate again to access your intranet.

  • The default authorization setting.

    Determines whether the Citrix ADC appliance will by default allow or deny access to content for which there is no specific authorization policy.

  • The single sign-on setting.

    Determines whether the Citrix ADC appliance will log users onto all web applications automatically after they authenticate, or will pass users to the web application logon page to authenticate for each application.

  • The credential index setting.

    Determines whether the Citrix ADC appliance will use primary or the secondary authentication credentials for single signon.

To configure the session settings, you can take one of two approaches. If you want different settings for different user accounts or groups, you create a profile for each user account or group for which you want to configure custom sessions settings. You also create policies to select the connections to which to apply particular profiles, and you bind the policies to users or groups. You can also bind a policy to the authentication virtual server that handles the traffic to which you want to apply the profile.

If you want the same settings for all sessions, or if you want to customize the default settings for sessions that do not have specific profiles and policies configured, you can simply configure the global session settings.

Session settings