Signature update version 79

New signatures rules are generated for the vulnerabilities identified in the week 2022-03-29. You can download and configure these signature rules to protect your appliance from security vulnerable attack.

Signature version

Signature version 79 applicable for NetScaler 11.1, NetScaler 12.0, Citrix ADC 12.1, Citrix ADC 13.0, Citrix ADC 13.1 platforms.


Enabling Post body and Response body signature rules might affect Citrix ADC CPU.

Common Vulnerability Entry (CVE) insight

Following is a list of signature rules, CVE IDs, and its description.

Signature rule CVE ID Description
18959(updated rule) CVE-2022-22965 WEB-MISC VMware Spring4Shell, SpringSource Spring Framework class.classloader RCE attempt
999005 CVE-2022-22963 WEB-MISC Spring Cloud Function - Code Injection Vulnerability (CVE-2022-22963)
Signature update version 79