Zeroize: Reset the HSM. All the data on the HSM is deleted. This is a mandatory step before the HSM is initialized.

Initialize: Set the HSM capabilities. The Citrix ADC SDX FIPS appliance complies with FIPS-140-2 level 2. You can create partitions after you initialize the chip.

Key store size: Number of keys that can be stored on a partition. A maximum of 102235 keys can be specified. The maximum number of keys that can be stored is one less than half the number specified. For example, if you specify 100, you can create only 49 keys because one of the keys is the RSA key pair that consumes 2 key stores.

Crypto Core Capacity: Number of crypto cores assigned to a partition. A maximum of 63 cores are available.

SSL Context: Number of concurrent SSL connections that can be created on a partition.