Create partitions

Create partitions for different tenants and specify the cryptographic resources for each partition. Each instance is assigned one partition, and a partition can be assigned to only one instance. Deleting an instance deletes the partition assigned to the instance. As a result, the partition data is also deleted and not left unsecured or accessible later. Number of keys and SSL context assignment depends on your application. For information about number of cores to assign, see the Citrix ADC datasheet.


After you assign a key store size and cores to an HSM partition, you cannot change them at run time. You must first detach the partition from the instance.

Create a partition by using the Management Service

  1. On the Configuration tab, navigate to System > HSM Administration > Partitions, and in the details plane, click Add.
  2. Specify a name for the partition, and the resources to be assigned to this partition.
  3. Click OK.

The summary page displays all the partitions that were created. Some partitions are assigned an instance while some are free partitions.

summary partition

Create partitions