Cache redirection configurations

Depending on your deployment and network topology, you can configure one of the following types of cache redirection:

  • Transparent. A transparent cache can reside on a variety of points along a network backbone to alleviate traffic along the delivery route. In transparent mode, the cache redirection virtual server intercepts all traffic flowing to the Citrix ADC appliance and applies cache redirection policies to determine whether content should be served from the cache or from the origin server.
  • Forward proxy. A forward proxy cache server resides on the edge of an enterprise LAN and faces the WAN. In the forward proxy mode, the cache redirection virtual server resolves the hostname of the incoming request by using a DNS server and forwards requests for non-cacheable content to the resolved origin servers. Cacheable requests are sent to the configured cache servers.
  • Reverse proxy. Reverse proxy caches are configured for specific origin servers. Incoming traffic directed to the reverse proxy, can either be served from a cache server or be sent to the origin server with or without modification to the URL.
Cache redirection configurations