Troubleshooting Routing Issues

To make your troubleshooting process as efficient as possible, begin by gathering information about your network. You need to obtain the following information about the Citrix ADC appliance and other systems in the Network:

  • Complete Topology diagram, including interface connectivity and intermediate switch details.
  • Running Configuration. You can use the show running command to get the running configuration for ns.conf and ZebOS.conf.
  • Output of the History command, to determine whether any configuration changes were made when the issue arose.
  • Output of the Top and ps -ax commands, to determine whether any routing daemon is over utilizing the CPU or is misbehaving.
  • Any routing related core files in /var/core - nsm, bgpd, ospfd, or ripd. Check the time stamp to see if they are relevant.
  • dr_error.log and dr_info.log files from /var/log.
  • Output of the date command and time details for all relevant systems. Print dates across all devices one after another, so that the times on the log messages can be correlated with various events.
  • Relevant ns.log, newnslog files.
  • Configuration files, log files and command history details from upstream and downstream routers.
Troubleshooting Routing Issues