Microsoft Edge WebView support for Windows Citrix Secure Access

Microsoft Edge WebView support on Citrix Secure Access client for Windows introduces an enhanced end user experience. With the Citrix Secure Access client, the end user can use advanced authentication methods on the client browser window itself, which was supported via the web browser in legacy versions. Furthermore, the legacy Citrix Secure Access client is built on Internet Explorer WebView, the APIs for which are planned for deprecation. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Microsoft Edge WebView for Citrix Secure Access Client for Windows, as it supports the latest APIs.

How to move to Microsoft Edge WebView

As moving to Microsoft Edge WebView affects every nFactor authentication request, the Internet Explorer based web-view is enabled by default for the Secure Access for Windows. However, the end users are provided with a link on the Secure Access for Windows login page to download and install Microsoft Edge WebView. End users can download and install Edge WebView seamlessly while connecting to the VPN and the authentication is not interrupted.

Prompt users to move to Edge

Install Edge

Enable Microsoft Edge-based WebView

Customers can raise a request to enable the EnableEdgeWebView feature flag by filling in the form

Microsoft Edge WebView support for Windows Citrix Secure Access