Term Description
Application An Openmix application is a specification of load-balancing logic that can be configured within the portal. The application will be processed for each request made to Openmix and a routing decision will be made based on the specified logic. Applications can be used for one or multiple types of content. A customer may have one application for one type of content that has high business value and a different application for content that has a lesser value that must be routed differently. For example, the customer may have one application for content shown to all users which focuses on routing to the fastest provider regardless of cost. The customer may also have another application for rarely shown content that focuses on cost optimization between providers for lower value content. In the above scenario, the customer would have two Openmix applications.
Community Measurements Community measurements are sourced through a crowd sourcing model providing the customer a view of a vendor performance and availability at a geographic and logical level globally. Community Measurements are available for free to participating community members (installation of the JavaScript tag required). Access to community data for non-contributing (i.e.non JS integrating) organizations is a billed item.
Decision An Openmix decision is specified as a single request to one of NetScaler’s load-balancers. For DNS, it is a single DNS request to the DNS load-balancers.For HTTP, it is a GET or HEAD request to the Openmix HTTP endpoint.
Measurement A Measurement pertains to Radar and the Collection of data from end users on the performance of an application of service. For Community Measurements see Community Measurements.
Platform A platform is a CDN, Cloud, Data Center, or Other End-Point that the customer wants to either Monitor within Radar or use within the Openmix Application.
Private Measurement Radar Private Measurements are where measurements or telemetry (in the case of streaming) is fed back about the end-users experience that is not shared with the community. This can apply where a customer is looking to measure: + Their own data center architecture/s + Using their own test-object or page + Using their own contract with a vendor + Audio/Video end-user quality of Experience

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