Citrix SD-WAN Center

Azure Virtual WAN

Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN and Citrix SD-WAN provide simplified network connectivity and centralized management across hybrid cloud workloads. You can automate configuration of branch appliances to connect to the Azure WAN and configure branch traffic management policies according to your business requirements. The built-in dashboard interface provides instant troubleshooting insights that can save time and provides visibility for large-scale site-to-site connectivity.

Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN allows you to enable simplified connectivity to Azure Cloud workloads and to route traffic across the Azure backbone network and beyond. Azure provides 54+ regions and multiple points of presence across the globe Azure regions serve as hubs that you can choose to connect to the branches. After the branches are connected, use the Azure cloud service through hub-to-hub connectivity. You can simplify connectivity by applying multiple Azure services including hub peering with Azure VNETs. Hubs serve as traffic gateways for the branches.

Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN offers the following advantages:

  • Integrated connectivity solutions in hub and spoke - Automate site-to-site connectivity and configuration between on premises and the Azure hub from various sources including connected partner solutions.

  • Automated setup and configuration – Connect your virtual networks to the Azure hub seamlessly.

  • Intuitive troubleshooting – You can see the end-to-end flow within Azure and use this information to take required actions.

Azure Virtual WAN