Testing and Troubleshooting

The Monitoring > Appliance > Application Performance > WCCP page shows the current state of not only the local appliance but of all other appliances that have joined the cluster. Select a WCCP cache and click Get Info.

The Cache Status tab shows the local appliance’s status. When all is well, the status is “25: has assignment.” You must refresh the page manually to monitor changes in status. If the appliance does not reach the status of “25: has assignment” within a timeout period, other informative status messages are displayed.

Additional information is displayed when you click on the Service Group or the Routers tabs.

The Cluster Summary tab displays information about the WCCP cluster as a whole. As a side effect of the WCCP protocol, each member of the cluster has information about all the others, so this information can be monitored from any appliance in the cluster.

Your router can also provide status information. See your router documentation.

Testing and Troubleshooting

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