WCCP Testing and Troubleshooting

When working with WCCP, the appliance provides different ways of monitoring the status of the WCCP interface, and your router should also provide information.

Monitoring: Appliance Performance: WCCP Page—The WCCP page reports the current state of the WCCP link, and reports most problems.

Log Entries—The Monitoring: Appliance Performance: Logging page shows a new entry each time WCCP mode is established or lost.

Figure 1. WCCP Log Entries (format varies somewhat with release)

localized image

Router Status—On the router, the “show ip wccp” command shows the status of the WCCP link:

``` pre codeblock Router>enable Password: Router#show ip wccp Global WCCP information: Router information: Router Identifier: Protocol Version: 2.0

Service Identifier: 51
    Number of Cache Engines:             0
    Number of routers:                   0
    Total Packets Redirected:            19951
    Redirect access-list:                -none-
    Total Packets Denied Redirect:       0
    Total Packets Unassigned:            0
    Group access-list:                   -none-
    Total Messages Denied to Group:      0
    Total Authentication failures:       0 <!--NeedCopy--> ```
WCCP Testing and Troubleshooting

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