About NetScaler CPX

NetScaler CPX is a container-based application delivery controller that can be provisioned on a Docker host. NetScaler CPX enables customers to leverage Docker engine capabilities and use NetScaler load balancing and traffic management features for container-based applications. You can deploy one or more NetScaler CPX instances as standalone instances on a Docker host.

A NetScaler CPX instance provides throughput of up to 1 Gbps.

This document assumes that you are familiar with Docker and how it works. For information about Docker, see the Docker documentation at https://docs.docker.com.

Supported Features

NetScaler CPX supports the following features:

  • Application availability
    • L4 load balancing and L7 content switching
    • SSL Offloading
    • IPv6 protocol translation
  • Application security
    • L7 rewrite and responder
  • Simple manageability
    • Web logging
    • AppFlow
About NetScaler CPX