Configuring communication intervals

When you configure Citrix Gateway as a high availability pair, you can configure the secondary Citrix Gateway to listen at specific intervals, measured in milliseconds (msec). These intervals are known as hello intervals and dead intervals.

The hello interval is the interval at which the heartbeat messages are sent to the peer node. The dead interval is the time interval after which the peer node is marked DOWN if heartbeat packets are not received. The heartbeat messages are UDP packets sent to port 3003 of the other node in a high availability pair.

When you configure the hello interval, you can use the values 200 to 1000. The default value is 200. The dead interval values are 3 to 60. The default value is 3.


Dead interval must be set as a multiple of hello interval.

To configure communication intervals for the secondary Citrix Gateway

  1. In the configuration utility, on the Configuration tab, in the navigation pane, expand System and then click High Availability.
  2. In the details pane, on the Nodes tab, select a node and then click Edit.
  3. Under Intervals, do one or both of the following:
    • In Hello Interval (msec), type the value and then click OK. The default is 200 milliseconds.
    • In Dead Interval (secs), type the value and then click OK. The default setting is three seconds.
Configuring communication intervals