Troubleshooting command propagation

The following list describes the reasons command propagation might fail, and solutions for restoring the setting:

  • Network connectivity is not active. If a command propagation fails, check the network connection between the primary and secondary Citrix Gateway appliances.

  • Missing resources on secondary Citrix Gateway. If a command execution succeeds on the primary Citrix Gateway but fails to propagate to the secondary Citrix Gateway, run the command directly on the secondary Citrix Gateway to see the error message. The error might have occurred because the resources required by the command are present on the primary Citrix Gateway and are not available on the secondary Citrix Gateway. Also, verify that the license files on each appliance match.

    For example, verify that all of your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are present on each Citrix Gateway. Verify that any initialization script customization exists on both Citrix Gateway appliances.

  • Authentication failure. If you receive an authentication failure error message, verify the RPC node settings on each appliance.

Troubleshooting command propagation