Configuring persistency groups for application units

You can configure a persistency group for the application units in an AppExpert application. In the context of an AppExpert application, a persistency group is a group of application units that you can treat as a single entity for the purpose of applying common persistence settings. When the application is exported to an application template file, the persistency group settings are included, and they are automatically applied to the application units when you import the AppExpert application.

To configure a persistency group for an application by using the GUI:

  1. Navigate to AppExpert > Applications.
  2. In the Applications View dialog box, click the name of the application for whose application units you want to configure a persistency group, and then click Configure Persistency Groups.
  3. In the Configure Persistency Groups dialog box, do one of the following:
    • To add a persistency group, click Add.
    • To modify a persistency group, click Open.
  4. In the Create Persistency Group or Configure Persistency Group dialog box, set the following parameters:
    • Group Name—Name of the persistency group. For the Citrix ADC appliance to recognize the persistency group as part of the application’s configuration, the name of the AppExpert application must be included in the name of the persistency group, as a prefix. Therefore, by default, the appliance displays the prefix in the Group Name box, and you cannot remove that prefix. Enter a name of your choice after the prefix.
    • Persistence—Type of persistence for the virtual server. If you select SOURCEIP, in the IPv4 Netmask box, enter a network mask that specifies the number of bits that the appliance must consider when creating persistence sessions. If you select COOKIEINSERT, in the Cookie Domain and Cookie Name boxes, specify a domain attribute to send in the Set-Cookie directive, and a name for the cookie, respectively.
    • Timeout—Time period for which a persistence session is in effect.
    • Backup Persistence—Type of backup persistence for the group.
    • Backup Timeout—Time period, in minutes, for which backup persistence is in effect.
    • Application Units—To add an application unit to the persistency group, in the Available Application Units box, click the application unit, and then click Add. To remove an application unit from the persistency group, in the Configured Application Units box, click the application unit, and then click Remove.
  5. Click OK.
Configuring persistency groups for application units