Importing an application template

For Citrix ADC software version 9.3 or later, each AppExpert template has two XML files: a Template file and a Deployment file. You must import both files from your local computer to a Citrix ADC appliance. You can either import the template files from your computer to the AppExpert application templates directory in Citrix ADC appliance or upload files to a Citrix ADC appliance and then import them from the appliance.

Note: When you import a template from an appliance, you have to provide the variable value available in the template. By default, the pre-configured value is display

After you import the template files, the application-configuration and deployment information populates the target application automatically. The appliance imports all the configuration from the template files through the NITRO API. If you do not import the deployment file, the system generates an application populated with content switching virtual server configuration. For more information about the format of application templates and deployment files, see Understanding Citrix ADC Application Templates and Deployment Files.

When you import a template, if you do not include a deployment file, you have to configure the public endpoints in the application that the system automatically generates from the template. One endpoint for HTTP and another endpoint for HTTPS. When configuring a public endpoint of type HTTPS, make sure you enable the SSL feature, bind the server certificate, and include the server-certificate and certificate-key files.

For more information about configuring endpoints after you import a template, see Configuring Public Endpoints.

To import AppExpert application template files to a Citrix ADC appliance by using the GUI:

  1. Navigate to AppExpert > Applications.
  2. In the details pane, click Import Template.
  3. On the Import page, set the following parameters:
    1. Application Name (mandatory)
    2. Template File (mandatory)
    3. Use deployment file
  4. Click Continue to auto populate application-configuration and deployment information into an application.

Citrix ADC’s video tutorials enable you to understand Citrix ADC features in an easy and simply way. Watch video to learn how to import an application template.

Importing an application template