Configuring Access Scenario Fallback

SmartAccess allows Citrix Gateway to determine automatically the methods of access that are allowed for a user device based on the results of an endpoint analysis scan. Access scenario fallback further extends this capability by allowing a user device to fall back from the Citrix Gateway plug-in to the Web Interface or StoreFront by using Citrix Receiver if the user device does not pass the initial endpoint analysis scan.

To enable access scenario fallback, you configure a post-authentication policy that determines whether or not users receive an alternative method of access when logging on to Citrix Gateway. This post-authentication policy is defined as a client security expression that you configure either globally or as part of a session profile. If you configure a session profile, the profile is associated to a session policy that you then bind to users, groups, or virtual servers. When you enable access scenario fallback, Citrix Gateway initiates an endpoint analysis scan after user authentication. The results for user devices that do not meet the requirements of a fallback post-authentication scan are as follows:

  • If client choices is enabled, users can log on to the Web Interface or StoreFront by using Receiver only.
  • If clientless access and client choices are disabled, users can be quarantined into a group that provides access only to the Web Interface or StoreFront.
  • If clientless access and the Web Interface or StoreFront are enabled on Citrix Gateway and ICA proxy is disabled, users fall back to clientless access.
  • If the Web Interface or StoreFront is not configured and clientless access is set to allow, users fall back to clientless access.

When clientless access is disabled, the following combination of settings must be configured for the access scenario fallback:

  • Define client security parameters for the fallback post-authentication scan.
  • Define the Web Interface home page.
  • Disable client choices.
  • If user devices fail the client security check, users are placed into a quarantine group that allows access only to the Web Interface or StoreFront and to published applications.
Configuring Access Scenario Fallback