Configuring the Access Interface

Citrix Gateway includes a default home page that is a webpage that appears after users log on. The default home page is called the Access Interface. You use the Access Interface as the home page, or configure the Web Interface as the home page, or a custom home page.

The Access Interface contains three panels. If you have the Web Interface in your deployment, users can log on to Receiver in the left panel of the Access Interface. If you have StoreFront in your deployment, users cannot log on to Receiver from the left panel.

The Access Interface is used to provide links to websites, both internal and external, and links to file shares in the internal network. You can customize the Access Interface in the following ways:

  • Changing the Access Interface.
  • Creating Access Interface links.

Users can customize the Access Interface as well by adding their own links to websites and file shares. Users can also use the home page to transfer files from the internal network to their device.

Note: When users log on and attempt to open file shares from the Access Interface, the file share does not open and users receive the error message “Failed to make TCP connection to the server.” To resolve this problem, configure your firewall to allow traffic from the Citrix Gateway system IP address to the file server IP address on TCP ports 445 and 139.

Configuring the Access Interface