Configuring Compound Expressions

A preauthentication policy can have one profile and multiple expressions. If you configure compound expressions, you use operators to specify the conditions of the expression. For example, you can configure compound expressions to require the user device to run one of the following antivirus applications:

  • Symantec Antivirus 10
  • McAfee Antivirus 11
  • Sophos Antivirus 4

You configure the expression with the OR operator to check for the preceding three applications. If Citrix Gateway detects the correct version of any of the applications on the user device, users are allowed to log on. The expression in the policy dialog box appears as follows:

av_5_Symantec_10   av_5_McAfeevirusscan_11   av_5_sophos_4

For more information about compound expressions, see Configuring Compound Expressions.

Configuring Compound Expressions