Citrix Secure Internet Access (CSIA) is available in three editions.

  • Standard: Cloud-based security solution that provides centralized management and administration in the cloud. It includes core security features such as web and internet content filtering, SSL traffic management, and CASB.

  • Advanced: Complete security solution with added security offerings such as malware prevention and breach detection, command and control callback detection, and incident response.

  • Premium: Comprehensive security solution that includes advanced sensitive content detection and advanced content analysis engine.

For a complete list of the features available in an edition, see the feature matrix on

Each of these editions includes the following:

  • 500 GB of storage space
  • One IPSEC or GRE tunnel for every 10 users in an account

You can purchase more storage space or tunnels.

After your onboarding process is complete, you can get insight into your subscribed license and usage details.

View licensing details

View details about your subscribed license entitlements by navigating to Administration > Licensing.

You can view the following information on the Secure Internet Access Entitlements tab:

  • Subscription type and the list of features enabled for your subscription.
  • Storage capacity included in your subscription package. By default, each subscription includes 500 GB of storage space.
  • Number of tunnels included with your subscription package. By default, each subscription includes one tunnel for every 10 users in an account.
  • License term and its expiration date
  • Number of users added to this subscription
  • Status of your entitlement

License details

You can also view details about any additional storage space or tunnels that you have purchased.

Additional license


If you also have a Citrix SD-WAN entitlement, you can view the SD-WAN license details on the SD-WAN tab. For information about SD-WAN licensing, see SD-WAN Orchestrator Licensing.

License usage insights

You can get insights into license usage by navigating to Administration > License Usage Insights.

View the total number of user licenses you have and the number of active user licenses. You can also view the number of total and active licenses for data storage and tunnels.

These insights help you decide whether you need more user licenses, storage capacity, or tunnels.

License insights