Application usage and anomalies

As an administrator, you must ensure how the application is getting utilized. The application key metrics can help you identify the application usage. Since the traffic range to the application is unpredictable, some unusual application performance deviations might occur for a specific duration. In such scenarios, as an administrator, you might want to view and analyze such sudden anomalies, and ensure if any immediate troubleshoot is required.

NetScaler Console detects such anomalies and provides necessary details. Navigate to Applications > Dashboard, click an application, and select the Key Metrics tab. NetScaler Console monitors the traffic pattern and analyzes if the key metrics are in the expected range. If there is any deviation than the expected range, NetScaler Console reports those deviations as anomalies.

You can view anomalies for the following key metrics:

  • Response Time

  • Throughput

  • Data Volume

  • Requests per second

    Metrics with anomalies

Click the Metrics with Anomalies tab to view details.

Metrics with anomalies

In each metric, you can also click the See more option to view details. The following example is for the application data volume:

See more

You can view:

  • The graph indicating the maximum value, total value, expected range, and anomalies

  • The Recommended Actions to troubleshoot the issue

  • The time and anomaly details under Details

Application usage and anomalies

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