CWAAP dashboard

The dashboard page provides a snapshot view of your traffic analyzed by CWAAP. You can specify the time window you want to view (1 hr, 3 hr, 1 day, 7 day, 30 day, 90 day). Also, you can view this traffic in real-time by enabling the Real-Time Data flag on the top right corner of the chart.

The dashboard displays the following data points for your user account:

  • Packets/Sec In – Total traffic directed to the SiteProtect NG Platform in Packets Per Second
  • Aggregate in – Total traffic directed to the SiteProtect NG Platform in Mbps
  • Mitigated Traffic – Total traffic that is being blocked by the SiteProtect NG Service
  • Clean Traffic In – All the clean traffic sent to the customer origin server after removing any attack traffic.
  • Egress Traffic – Total Response Traffic sent, via the SiteProtect NG service, to the end user in response to the clean traffic. (Applies to Proxy Only)

These data points are represented in a circular chart displaying the Maximum (outer ring), ninety-fifth Percentile (middle ring), Average (inner ring). This data is also displayed in a line chart which can be configured to display any or none of these data points by clicking the labels in the legend below the chart.

CWAAP dashboard

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