Example 9: Home Page Redirection

New Company, Inc. recently acquired a smaller competitor, Purchased Company, and wants to redirect the home page for Purchased Company to a new page on its own Web site, as shown here.

To redirect requests to the Purchased Company home page, you would create rewrite actions with the values in the following table.

Action Name Type of Rewrite Action Expression to choose target reference String expression for replacement text
Action-Rewrite-Replace_URLr REPLACE HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY “/products/page.htm”
Action-Rewrite-Replace_Host REPLACE HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME “”

You would then create rewrite policies with the values in the following table.

Policy Name Action Name Undefined Action Expression
Policy-Rewrite-Replace-None Action-Rewrite-Replace-None NOREWRITE !HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.SERVER.EQ(“”)
Policy-Rewrite-Replace-Host Action-Rewrite-Replace_Host NOREWRITE HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.SERVER.EQ(“”)
Policy-Rewrite-Replace-URL Action-Rewrite-Replace_URL NOREWRITE HTTP.REQ.IS_VALID

Finally, you would bind the rewrite policies globally, assigning the first a priority of 100, the second a priority of 200, and the third a priority of 300. These policies should be the last policies applied to a request that matches the criteria. For this reason, set the goto expression to END for the first and third policies, and to 300 for the second policy. This ensures that all remaining requests are processed correctly.

Requests to the acquired company’s old Web site are now redirected to the correct page on the New Company home page.

Example 9: Home Page Redirection