Classic expressions in advanced policy expressions


Classic policy expressions are no longer supported from Citrix ADC 12.0 build 56.20 onwards and as an alternative, Citrix recommends you to use Advanced policies. For more information, see Configure advanced policy expressions: Get started.

Classic expressions describe the basic characteristics of traffic. Sometimes, you might want to use a classic expression in an advanced policy expression.

The following is the syntax for all Advanced policy expressions that use a classic expression:



The syntax and the metadata for the SYS.EVAL_CLASSIC_EXPR expression is getting deprecated. You can manually convert or use the nspepi tool to convert the Classic expression to the advanced expression.

Following are examples of the SYS.EVAL_CLASSIC_EXPR(“expression”) expression:

sys.eval_classic_expr("req.ssl.client.cipher.bits > 1000")
sys.eval_classic_expr("url contains abc")
sys.eval_classic_expr("req.ip.sourceip == -netmask")
sys.eval_classic_expr("time >= *:30:00GMT")
sys.eval_classic_expr("e1 || e2")
sys.eval_classic_expr("req.http.urllen > 50")
sys.eval_classic_expr("dayofweek == wedGMT")
Classic expressions in advanced policy expressions