Citrix SD-WAN Center

Install the Citrix SD-WAN SSL certificate

To establish connection between Citrix SD-WAN MCN and Citrix SD-WAN Center, download the SSL certificate from the MCN SD-WAN appliance and install it on SD-WAN Center.

You can regenerate the appliance certificate on the MCN which replaces the pre-defined certificate and then install it on SD-WAN Center.

Installing the appliance certificate to the SD-WAN Center is mandatory for new deployments and for SSL communication to work. MCN generates a network certificate and distributes the certificate with a private key through the certificate manager to all nodes. The certificates are used by each branch to authenticate the SD-WAN Center.

To generate and install the SD-WANcertificate:

  1. In the MCN SD-WAN appliance, navigate to Configuration > Virtual WAN > SD-WAN Center Certificates> MCN Certificate Management.

  2. Click Regenerate Certificate to generate a new SSL certificate to establish communication with SD-WAN Center.

    Regenerate certificate


    When you regenerate the SSL certificate, the SD-WAN appliance uses the new certificate immediately for communication with discovered SD-WAN Center. However, communication with the appliances is not established, until you download and install the newly generated certificate on SD-WAN Center.

  3. Click Download Certificate. Navigate to the desired location and save the certificate.

  4. In the Citrix SD-WAN Center web interface, navigate to Configuration > SSL Certificate > MCN Certificate.

    MCN certificate

  5. Click Browse and select the downloaded MCN SSL certificate.

    Upload and install SD-WAN Center certificate

  6. Click Upload and Install, it uploads the MCN SSL certificate to SD-WAN Center.

Install the Citrix SD-WAN SSL certificate