Citrix SD-WAN Center

Remote LTE site management

Citrix SD-WAN Center allows you to remotely view and manage all the LTE sites in your network. The LTE summary table lists the Citrix SD-WAN 210-SE LTE appliances used in your network.

To remotely manage the LTE sites in your network, in the SD-WAN Center UI, navigate to Configuration > Mobile Broadband.

For a multi-region deployment, you can select a region for which you want to manage the LTE sites. The Default_Region is selected by default.

Mobile broadband1

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Mobile broadband

You can select either a single appliance or multiple appliances to perform the following LTE modem operation:

  • Enable: Enable the modem at the selected sites.
  • Disable: Disable the modem at the selected sites.
  • Reboot: Reboot the modem at the selected sites.
  • APN: Configure the APN settings for the selected sites. For more information, see Configure APN settings.
  • Firmware: Browse and select the required firmware. You can choose to upload only or upload and apply the firmware file on the selected sites. From the list of available firmware you can choose to apply it or delete it.


    In multi-region deployment, the firmware operations for non-default region sites cannot be done from the SD-WAN Center Headend. You can perform Firmware operations from the specific region’s Collector SD-WAN Center.

  • Refresh SIM card: Refresh the SIM card by turning it OFF and turning it back ON at the selected sites. This operation is performed to detect the new SIM card inserted into the 210 SE LTE modem.

    Remote management LTE site support

You can also configure LTE functionality on individual LTE appliances. For more information, see Configure LTE functionality on 210 SE LTE.

APN settings

APN is the name of the settings your appliance reads to set up a connection to the gateway between the carrier’s cellular network and the public internet. You can obtain the APN information from the carrier and remotely configure the APN settings on one or more LTE appliances.

Note: APN settings vary from carrier to carrier.

To configure APN settings:

  1. In the SD-WAN Center UI navigate to Configuration > Mobile Broadband. Select the LTE sites for which you want to configure APN settings and click APN.

    APN settings

  2. Enter the APN name, Username, Password, and Authentication provided by the carrier. You can choose from PAP, CHAP, PAPCHAP authentication protocols. If the carrier has not provided any authentication type, set it to None.
  3. Click Apply Settings on Selected Sites.
Remote LTE site management