When to Use Group Mode

Use group mode in the following set of circumstances:

  • You have multiple WAN links.
  • There is a chance of asymmetric routing (a packet on a given connection might travel over either link).
  • Group mode seems simpler and more practical than alternatives that use a single appliance.

The alternatives are:

  • WCCP mode, in which traffic from two or more links is sent to the same appliance by WAN routers, by means of the WCCP protocol.
  • Virtual inline mode, in which your routers send traffic from two or more links through the same appliance (or high-availability pair).
  • Multiple bridges, where each link passes through a different accelerated bridge in the same appliance.
  • LAN-level aggregation, which places an appliance (or high-availability pair) closer to the LAN, before the point where WAN traffic is split into two or more paths.
When to Use Group Mode

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