Basic Configuration Procedure for WCCP Mode on the SD-WAN Appliance

For most sites, you can use the following procedure to configure the WCCP mode on the appliance. The procedure has you set several parameters to sensible default values. Advanced deployments might require that you set these parameters to other values. For example, if WCCP service group 51 is already used by your router, you need to use a different value for the appliance.

To configure WCCP mode on the appliance:

  1. On the Configuration: Appliance Settings: WCCP page.
  2. If no service groups have been defined, the Select Mode page appears. The options are Single SD-WAN and Cluster (Multiple SD-WANs). Select Single SD-WAN. You are taken to the WCCP page. Note: The mode labels are misleading. “Single SD-WAN” mode is also used for SD-WAN high-availability pairs.
  3. If WCCP mode is not enabled, click Enable.
  4. Click Add Service Group.
  5. The default interface (apA), Protocol (TCP), WCCP Priority (0), Router Communication (Unicast), (Password blank) and Time to Live (1) values usually do not have to be changed for the first service group that you create, but if they do, type new values in the fields provided.
  6. In the Router Addressing field (if you are using unicast) or the Multicast Address field (if you are using multicast), type the router’s IP address. Use the IP for the router port used for WCCP communication with the appliance.
  7. If more than one router is using WCCP to communicate with this appliance, add more routers now.
  8. If your routers have special requirements, set the Router Forwarding (Auto/GRE/Level-2), Router Packet Return (Auto/GRE/Level-2), and Router Assignment (Mask/Hash) fields accordingly. The defaults produce optimal results with most routers.
  9. Click Add.
  10. Repeat the preceding steps to create another service group, for UDP traffic (for example, service group Id 52 and Protocol UDP).
  11. Go to the Monitoring: Appliance Performance: WCCP page. The Status field should change to Connected within 60 seconds.
  12. Send traffic over the link and, on the Connections page, verify that connections are arriving and being accelerated.
Basic Configuration Procedure for WCCP Mode on the SD-WAN Appliance

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