Improper Persistence Type

You must configure persistence on a virtual server if you want to maintain the states of connections on the servers represented by that virtual server (for example, connections used in e-commerce). The appliance then uses the configured load balancing method for the initial server selection, but forwards all subsequent requests to that same server from the same client.

Persistence is effective when existing sessions are reused to serve subsequent requests. If persistence session reuse is low, sessions created on NetScaler are just an overhead.

Using the Improper Persistence Type indicator, you can determine if the persistence usage on a virtual server is low. Click the Improper Persistence Type tab to view the issue details.

Improper persistence type

The Recommended Action to troubleshoot the issue is to check the persistence type or disable persistence. For more information, see Persistence Settings.

Under Details, you can view:

  • The time that occurred the anomaly

  • Total occurrences

  • The anomaly severity such as high, low, and medium

  • The detection message indicating the % of sessions that are unused

Improper Persistence Type

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