View applications

By default, the application dashboard displays all applications. Depending upon your requirement, you can use the filter option to view applications.

View applications

The dashboard displays the following application details:

  • App name – Denotes the application name

  • App Score – Denotes the application score and the status such as Critical, Good, Fair, and Not Applicable

  • Availability – Denotes the current availability of the application, such as Up, Down, Partially Up, Out of Service, and NA

    • Up – All virtual servers associated with the application are Up.

    • Down – All virtual servers associated with the application are Down.

    • Partially Up – Either one virtual associated with the application is Down or Out of Service.

    • Out of Service – All virtual servers associated with the applications are out of service.

    • NA – No virtual servers is configured for the application.

  • Top issue – Denotes the issue that has the maximum error counts on the application

  • Top issue category – Denotes the category of the issue

  • Issue count – Denotes the total issue counts for the application

  • Response time – Denotes the average response time to respond from the application

  • Error percentage – Denotes the total error percentage of 5xx errors for the application


    The 5xx error percentage metric is displayed only for NetScaler 13.0 or later. For earlier versions, the value is displayed as 0.

  • Total requests – Denotes the total requests received by the application

  • Throughput – Denotes the total network throughput for the application. Throughput is calculated by the Req Bytes / Sec + Res Bytes / Sec for the virtual servers

  • Data volume – Denotes the total data processed by the application

  • Client connections – Denotes the average client connections established by the application

  • Server connections – Denotes the average server connections established by the application

View applications

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