Session Buildup

For all secured transactions, NetScaler performs the SSL offloading process for the first transaction and then stores the SSL session based on the Session Reuse configuration.

Based on the traffic rate, session build-up may occur over a period of time, which can lead to a large amount of memory being held up by these sessions in NetScaler.

Session build-up events alert the administrators and provide recommended actions to resolve this event. Click the Session Buildup tab to view the issue details

Under Details, you can view:

  • The time that occurred the session build-up anomaly

  • The virtual server name

  • The anomaly severity such as high, low, and medium

  • The message indicating that X number of SSL sessions available in the virtual server and currently, there is Y number of SSL handshakes per second within the configured timeout session.

The Recommended Action to fix this anomaly is to either reduce the session timeout or disable the session reuse. For more information, see Session Timeout.

Session Buildup

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