Application Delivery Management

NetScaler Application Delivery Management 14.1

The 14.1 release of NetScaler Application Delivery Management (ADM) provides new features and enhancements. These new features and the enhancements to existing features optimizes the management and monitoring of your network instances and applications.

To avail of the new features and enhancements, you must first upgrade your NetScaler Console server to version 14.1.

Upgrade NetScaler Console to the 14.1 Release

Download the upgrade package from the NetScaler Console Downloads page and follow the instructions in this section to upgrade your system to the latest 14.1 build. After the upgrade process has begun, NetScaler Console restarts. All existing connections are then terminated and reconnected when the upgrade is completed successfully. The existing configuration is preserved, however NetScaler Console does not process any data until the upgrade is successfully completed.

  • Back up the NetScaler Console server before you upgrade.

  • After the upgrade, you might have to reestablish connections between the NetScaler Console server and the managed instances. A confirmation prompt warns you that connections can fail if you proceed.

  • For NetScaler Console servers in high availability setup, when upgrading, do not make any configuration changes on either of the nodes.

  • It is also important to understand the licensing framework and types of licenses before you start to upgrade. For NetScaler Console licensing information, see Licensing.

For more information, see Upgrade.


Do not refresh the browser until the upgrade process is successfully completed. It might take a few minutes for the upgrade process to finish.

Note: If you are using NetScaler Console for the first time, see Get Started.

What’s New in Release 14.1

For a comprehensive list of new features and enhancements, see Release Notes.

NetScaler Application Delivery Management 14.1