Application Delivery Management

Repeat-condition construct

The repeat-condition construct is evaluated in each iteration of a repeat construct and the result determines whether to build the configuration object in that iteration or to move to the next iteration. The following example shows the use of the repeat-condition construct:


      name: der-key-files-comp
      type: ns::systemfile  
      repeat-list: $parameters.certificates
      repeat-item: certificate
        repeat-condition: $certificate.ssl-inform == DER
         filecontent: base64($certificate.keyfile.contents)
         fileencoding: BASE64
         filelocation: /nsconfig/ssl
         filename: $certificate.keyfile.file

In this example, the der-key-files-comp component iterates over all the certificates given by the user but it only builds configuration objects that correspond to certificates with DER encoding. In each iteration, the repeat-condition expression is evaluated to test whether the certificate encoding is of type DER. If it is not of type DER, no configuration object is built in the current iteration, and the iteration moves to the next certificate in the list.

Repeat-condition construct

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