Application Delivery Management

Variable reference

When you use the repeat and repeat-item constructs in components to build multiple configuration objects, you can assign a variable name to the repeat-item construct. This variable can be then referenced in the properties of that component or in child components by using the notation $\<varname\>. Note that when the repeat construct is used without the repeat-item construct in a component, a default variable called $repeat-item can be used to access the iteration items.


    name: server-members-comp
    type: ns::server
    condition: $parameters.svc-server-domain-names
    repeat: $parameters.svc-server-domain-names
    repeat-item: server-name
      name: $server-name + "-server"
      domain: $server-name
         name: service-members-comp
         type: ns::service
           name: $server-name + "-service"
           servername: $
           servicetype: $parameters.svc-service-type
           port: $parameters.svc-server-port

In the above example, a variable name, server-name, is assigned to the repeat-item construct. This variable name is referred to in the properties of the same component as well as in the child components $\<varname\>.

Variable reference

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