NetScaler BLX 14.1

NetScaler BLX appliance is a software form-factor of NetScaler. It is designed to run natively on bare-metal-Linux on commercial off-the-shelf servers (COTS).

Following are the benefits of using a NetScaler BLX appliance:

  • Cloud-ready. NetScaler BLX provides day-zero support for running on cloud. NetScaler BLX appliances do not require any certifications to run on cloud because they run as a software application on Linux virtual machines provisioned on the cloud.

  • Easy-management. Standard tools available as part of the Linux operating system can be used to easily monitor and manage NetScaler BLX appliances. NetScaler BLX appliances can be easily plugged with an existing orchestration setup.

  • Seamless third-party tools integration. Open source tools (for example, monitoring, debugging, and logging) supported for Linux environment can be seamlessly integrated with NetScaler BLX appliances. There is no need to develop separate plug-ins for each integration.

  • Coexistence of other applications. Because NetScaler BLX appliances run as a software application, other Linux applications can also run on the same host.

NetScaler BLX 14.1

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