Points to Consider before Configuring DS-Lite

Consider the following points before configuring DS-Lite on a Citrix ADC appliance:

  1. You must understand the different components of DS-Lite, described in RFC 6333.

  2. A DS-lite configuration on a Citrix ADC appliance uses the LSN commands sets. In a DS-Lite configuration, the LSN client entity specifies the IPv6 address or IPv6 network address or ACL6 rules for identifying the traffic from the B4 device. A DS-Lite configuration also includes an IPv6 profile, which specifies the IPv6 address AFTR component on a Citrix ADC appliance. For more information on Citrix ADC LSN feature, see Large Scale NAT.

  3. For a DS-Lite configuration, the Citrix ADC appliance supports LSN for IPv4 packets that belong to one of the following protocols only. The Citrix ADC appliance drops IPv4 packets belonging to other protocols:

    • TCP
    • UDP
    • ICMP
  4. The Citrix ADC appliance supports the following ALGs DS-Lite:

    • ICMP
    • FTP
    • TFTP
    • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
    • Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
Points to Consider before Configuring DS-Lite